Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Female Characters (Complete List)

Raid Shadow Legends Female Characters

Most of the mobile games I have played so far have male champions dominating the game. Only in a few games, I have seen where we can play with only female characters and still can compete with other players. But surprisingly Raid Shadow Legends have got hundreds of champions and which includes female champions that are more powerful than the male champions. In this article, I will discuss more on the list of best Raid Shadow Legends Female Characters that can help you progress in the game smoothly without any hurdles.

We need to have a combination of different champions to build a core team that can be used in all the game modes. Raid provides you with such flexibility with all these female champs with different skills, rarity, and factions. Before we move into the best female characters in Raid Shadow Legends topic, let’s see the full list of female champions in Raid Shadow Legends.

Full List of Female Characters in Raid Shadow Legends

I am herewith listing the full list of female characters in Raid Shadow Legends which includes common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary categories. This list of female characters includes daily login reward champions, Doom Tower Champions, Fusion champions, Fragment Fusion champions, and so on.

S NoChampion NameFaction NameAffinity TypeRarityRoleUsuability
1SethaliaBanner LordsMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
2RaglinBanner LordsVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
3MinayaBanner LordsForceLegendarySupportUpto End Game
4RowanBanner LordsVoidEpicAttackUpto End Game
5Chancellor YasminBanner LordsForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
6Ursala the MournerBanner LordsVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
7ValerieBanner LordsMagicRareSupportUpto End Game
8PreserverBanner LordsForceRareDefenseRhazin Scarhide Fusion
9DaggerBanner LordsVoidRareAttackUpto End Game
10ArcherBanner LordsMagicUncommonAttackEarly - Midgame
11Word BearerBanner LordsForceUncommonSupportFood
12DuelistBanner LordsForceUncommonAttackEarly - Midgame
13CommanderBanner LordsForceUncommonSupportEarly - Midgame
14FirebladeBanner LordsSpiritUncommonAttackEarly - Midgame
15Scyl of the DrakesBarbariansMagicLegendaryDefenseUpto End Game
16Kantra the CycloneBarbariansForceLegendaryDefenseUpto End Game
17Ursuga WarcallerBarbariansVoidLegendaryHPUpto End Game
18TuhanarakBarbariansVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
19ValkyrieBarbariansSpiritLegendaryDefenseUpto End Game
20AinaBarbariansMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
21AlikaBarbariansForceEpicAttackUpto End Game
22KalliaBarbariansForceEpicAttackEarly - Midgame
23Woad-PaintedBarbariansSpiritEpicHPNot so useful
25ArminaBarbariansMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
28High KhatunBarbariansSpiritEpicSupportUpto End Game
29VallaBarbariansSpiritEpicDefenseUpto End Game
30Haarken GreatbladeBarbariansVoidEpicAttackSituational
31Suwai FirstbornBarbariansVoidEpicAttackSituational
32Skytouched ShamanBarbariansVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
33MarkedBarbariansMagicRareSupportUpto End Game
34WarmaidenBarbariansForceRareAttackUpto End Game
35BloodbraidBarbariansSpiritRareHPNot so useful
37Hill NomadBarbariansMagicRareSupportNot so useful
39Soulbond BowyerBarbariansSpiritRareAttackUpto End Game
40TigersoulBarbariansSpiritRareAttackNot so useful
42DervishBarbariansMagicUncommonAttackEarly - Midgame
43Head TakerBarbariansMagicUncommonAttackNot so useful
46Zephyr SniperBarbariansSpiritUncommonDefenseSituational
47RaeDark ElvesMagicLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
48ZaviaDark ElvesForceLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
49AstralithDark ElvesSpiritLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
50Queen EvaDark ElvesSpiritLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
51GhostbornDark ElvesSpiritLegendarySupportUpto End Game
52Blind SeerDark ElvesVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
53Lanakis the ChosenDark ElvesMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
54Lydia the DeathsirenDark ElvesVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
55Visix the UnbowedDark ElvesVoidLegendaryDefenseUpto End Game
56LuriaDark ElvesSpiritEpicAttackUpto End Game
57DelverDark ElvesSpiritEpicAttackNot so useful
58Crimson HelmDark ElvesSpiritEpicDefenseUpto End Game
59LuaDark ElvesVoidEpicAttackUpto End Game
60Madam SerrisDark ElvesVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
61PsylarDark ElvesVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
62Captain TemilaDark ElvesMagicEpicHPSituational
63GwynnethDark ElvesMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
64Rian the ConjurerDark ElvesForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
65SpirithostDark ElvesSpiritRareSupportRelic Keeper Fusion
66HexweaverDark ElvesSpiritRareSupportEarly - Midgame
67ColdheartDark ElvesVoidRareAttackUpto End Game
68EvisceratorrDark ElvesVoidRareAttackNot so useful
69Pain KeeperDark ElvesVoidRareHPUpto End Game
70HarvesterDark ElvesVoidRareAttackSituational
71SniperDark ElvesMagicUncommonAttackEarly - Midgame
72RedeemerDark ElvesForceUncommonAttackFood
73HeartpiercerDark ElvesForceUncommonAttackFood
74LurkerDark ElvesMagicCommonAttackFood
75RangerDark ElvesForceCommonAttackFood
76MagekillerDark ElvesSpiritCommonAttackFood
77Steel BowyerDark ElvesForceRareAttackNot so useful
78CountessLixDemonspawnMagicLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
79Sicia FlametongueDemonspawnForceLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
80Wythir the CrownedDemonspawnForceLegendarySupportUpto End Game
81Duchess LilituDemonspawnSpiritLegendarySupportUpto End Game
82CruetraxaDemonspawnVoidLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
83AlureDemonspawnMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
84ErinyesDemonspawnForceEpicAttackEarly - Midgame
85NazanaDemonspawnForceEpicHPUpto End Game
86HellgazerDemonspawnSpiritEpicAttackUpto End Game
87PeydmaDemonspawnVoidEpicDefenseUpto End Game
88Infernal BaronessDemonspawnForceEpicDefenseUpto End Game
89Tainix HateflowerDemonspawnForceEpicSupportSituational
90Achak the WendarinDemonspawnForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
91UrticataDemonspawnSpiritEpicAttackUpto End Game
92Umbral EnchantressDemonspawnVoidEpicDefenseUpto End Game
94DiabolistDemonspawnMagicRareSupportUpto End Game
95MarquessDemonspawnSpiritRareDefenseUpto End Game
96MalbrancheDemonspawnVoidRareAttackNot so useful
97Hellborn SpriteDemonspawnSpiritRareSupportSituational
99Trunda GiltmalletDwarvesMagicLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
100Maulie TankardDwarvesSpiritLegendarySupportUpto End Game
101Rearguard SergeantDwarvesForceEpicDefenseUpto End Game
102Melga SteelgirdleDwarvesSpiritEpicHPUpto End Game
103Gala LongbraidsDwarvesVoidEpicAttackUpto End Game
105DemythaDwarvesVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
107ElenarilHigh ElvesMagicLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
108ShirimaniHigh ElvesForceLegendarySupportUpto End Game
109ArbiterHigh ElvesVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
110LyssandraHigh ElvesSpiritLegendarySupportUpto End Game
111PyxnielHigh ElvesMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
112YannicaHigh ElvesSpiritLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
113LuthieaHigh ElvesForceEpicAttackUpto End Game
114BattlesageHigh ElvesVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
115ExemplarHigh ElvesVoidEpicAttackEarly - Midgame
116AvengerHigh ElvesMagicRareAttackNot so useful
117ElhainHigh ElvesMagicRareAttackUpto End Game
118HeiressHigh ElvesForceRareAttackRelic Keeper Fusion
119HyriaHigh ElvesSpiritRareAttackSituational
120Reliquary TenderHigh ElvesVoidRareSupportUpto End Game
121AdjudicatorHigh ElvesMagicRareSupportNot so useful
122FencerHigh ElvesForceRareAttackEarly - Midgame
123AristocratHigh ElvesMagicUncommonAttackFood
124Elf GuardHigh ElvesSpiritUncommonAttackSituational
125InterceptorHigh ElvesVoidRareDefenseNot so useful
126SineshaKnight RevenantForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
127DoompriestKnight RevenantForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
128SkullcrownKnight RevenantVoidEpicAttackUpto End Game
129Narma the ReturnedKnight RevenantMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
130Thea the Tomb AngelKnight RevenantForceLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
131Mother CybeleKnight RevenantForceLegendarySupportUpto End Game
132Crypt WitchKnight RevenantMagicEpicAttackSituational
133Sepulcher SentinelKnight RevenantForceEpicDefenseUpto End Game
134Rector DrathKnight RevenantForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
135ThylessiaKnight RevenantForceEpicAttackUpto End Game
136Golden ReaperKnight RevenantVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
137WhisperKnight RevenantVoidEpicAttackUpto End Game
138TheurgistKnight RevenantMagicRareSupportRhazin Scarhide Fusion
139MagusKnight RevenantMagicRareAttackRhazin Scarhide Fusion
140ArcanistKnight RevenantForceRareSupportEarly - Midgame
141Crimson SlayerKnight RevenantSpiritRareAttackSituational
142RenegadeKnight RevenantVoidRareSupportSituational
143War MotherOgryn TribesMagicLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
144UugoOgryn TribesMagicEpicSupportUpto End Game
145Kreela Witch-ArmOrcsMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
146Teela GoremaneOrcsMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
147ZargalaOrcsForceEpicAttackUpto End Game
148BloodfeatherOrcsForceEpicAttackRhazin Scarhide Fusion
151SeerOrcsVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
152Sandlashed SurvivorOrcsSpiritEpicDefenseUpto End Game
154TotemOrcsSpiritRareSupportNot so useful
155HuntressOrcsVoidRareAttackBroadmaw Fusion
162Lady KimiShadowkinMagicLegendarySupportUpto End Game
163KyokuShadowkinSpiritLegendaryDefenseUpto End Game
164Riho BonespearShadowkinVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
166SachiShadowkinForceEpicSupportUpto End Game
169TayaShadowkinVoidEpicAttackUpto End Game
171VagabondShadowkinSpiritRareSupportNot so useful
172FayneSkinwalkersSpiritEpicAttackUpto End Game
173AthelThe Sacred OrderMagicRareAttackEarly - Midgame
174AbbessThe Sacred OrderForceLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
175MartyrThe Sacred OrderSpiritLegendaryDefenseUpto End Game
176VenusThe Sacred OrderVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
177CanonessThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicDefenseUpto End Game
178AdrielThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicSupportUpto End Game
179HopeThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicHPUpto End Game
180FrostbringerThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicSupportUpto End Game
181TalliaThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
182JulianaThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
183CardinalThe Sacred OrderVoidEpicSupportUpto End Game
184SanguiniaThe Sacred OrderMagicEpicSupportUpto End Game
185Lady EtessaThe Sacred OrderForceEpicAttackSituational
186Mistress of HymnsThe Sacred OrderSpiritEpicSupportSituational
187Godseeker AniriThe Sacred OrderVoidEpicDefenseUpto End Game
188HospitallerThe Sacred OrderMagicRareSupportSituational
189ChaplainThe Sacred OrderForceRareSupportEarly - Midgame
190PenitentThe Sacred OrderSpiritRareDefenseRhazin Scarhide Fusion
191WarpriestThe Sacred OrderSpiritRareSupportEarly - Midgame
192MaidenThe Sacred OrderSpiritRareAttackNot so useful
193ConfessorThe Sacred OrderVoidRareAttackSituational
194WitnessThe Sacred OrderMagicRareSupportSituational
195Mother SuperiorThe Sacred OrderSpiritRareSupportEarly - Midgame
196Battle SisterThe Sacred OrderMagicUncommonAttackFood
197IntercessorThe Sacred OrderForceUncommonSupportFood
198Sister MilitantThe Sacred OrderForceCommonAttackSituational
199PreacherThe Sacred OrderForceCommonHPFood
200Siphi the Lost BrideUndead HordesVoidLegendarySupportUpto End Game
201Little Miss AnnieUndead HordesVoidLegendaryAttackUpto End Game
202Dark ElhainUndead HordesMagicEpicAttackUpto End Game
203Dark AthelUndead HordesMagicEpicAttackEarly - Midgame
204HexiaUndead HordesForceEpicAttackEarly - Midgame
205Corpse CollectorUndead HordesForceEpicSupportSituational
206BansheeUndead HordesMagicRareSupportEarly - Midgame
207Frozen BansheeUndead HordesMagicRareAttackUpto End Game
208Gravechill KillerUndead HordesMagicRareAttackSituational
209TemptressUndead HordesMagicRareAttackEarly - Midgame
210SorceressUndead HordesForceRareAttackRelic Keeper Fusion
211ArbalesterUndead HordesVoidRareAttackBroadmaw Fusion
212DhampirUndead HordesSpiritUncommonAttackSituational

The above list contains the term “Situational” where those champions can be very useful in a few game modes and below average in other areas. Examples of such champions are Gravechill Killer rare type champion from Undead Hordes faction is solid only in Clan Boss, Dragon dungeon and Void Keep.

Best Female Characters for Campaign Farming in Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Female Characters

All the four starter champions are good at campaign farming but as this article is limited to female champions only, Athel and Elhain are both are solid campaign farmers. Excluding those two champions here are the top champions that can farm campaign solo. There are a few other rare female champions and one or two Common/Uncommon champions that can farm the campaign locations pretty well.

Best Legendary Female characters for farming Campaign stages

Only taking one from each faction as there are more than 5 champions that are very strong in campaign farming from some factions, Dark Elves, Undead Hordes, High Elves for example. The list is not in any ranking and is not in any particular order.

  1. Martyr – The Sacred Order Faction
  2. Valkyrie – Barbarians Faction
  3. Countess Lix – Demonspawn Faction
  4. Queen Eva – Dark Elves Faction
  5. Cleopterix – Skinwalkers Faction
  6. Yannica – High Elves Faction
  7. Trunda Giltmallet – Dwarves Faction
  8. Raglin – Banner Lords Faction
  9. Riho Bonespear – Shadowkin Faction
  10. War Mother – Ogryn Tribes Faction
  11. Thea the Tomb Angel – Knight Revenant Faction
  12. Teela Goremane – Orcs faction

So apart from the above, there are other legendaries that the strong for campaign farming. Below is the list of female champions as of November 2021.

Arbiter, Duchess Lilitu, Kreela Witch-Arm, Lydia the Deathsiren, Lanakis the Chosen, Rae, Scyl of the Drakes, Ursuga Warcaller, Visix the Unbowed, Zavia, and so on.

Best Epic Female Champions for Campaign farming

  1. Godseeker Aniri –The Sacred Order Faction
  2. Infernal Baroness – Demonspawn Faction
  3. Lua – Dark Elves Faction
  4. Melga Steelgirdle – Dwarves Faction
  5. Peydma – Demonspawn Faction
  6. Psylar – Dark Elves Faction
  7. Rector Drath – Knight Revenant Faction
  8. Sinesha – Knight Revenant Faction
  9. Skullcrown – Knight Revenant Faction
  10. Ursala the Mourner – Knight Revenant Faction
  11. Uugo – Knight Revenant Faction
  12. Valla – Barbarians Faction
  13. Zargala – Orcs Faction

Best Rare Female characters for Campaign farming

  1. Athel РThe Sacred Order faction  Р(Upto End game)
  2. Elhain – High Elves faction – (Upto End game)
  3. Soulbond Bowyer – Barbarians faction – (Upto End game)
  4. Dagger – Banner Lords – (Early Mid Game)
  5. Banshee – Undead Hordes – (Early – Mid Game)
  6. Warmaiden – Barbarians Faction – (Early Mid Game)
  7. Heiress – High Elves faction- (Early Mid Game)

Uncommon champions like  Dhampir, Sniper, Zephyr Sniper, Archer, and Sister the Common champion are also good campaign farming champions that will help you to farm chapter 12.3 or 12.6 if built correctly.

Final Verdict

Most of the champions are strong when they are mixed in a core team or kept as one of the support champions to make your average team into a strong team. In contrast, some of the female champions mentioned in this article can solo some of the game modes and a few of them are very strong in the entire game. For example, Valkyrie, Siphi, Scyl of the Drakes, Madam Serris, Arbiter, Lyssandra, and so on are useful in all game modes and can synchronise with any team composition.

So let me know who are your favorite female characters in Raid Shadow Legends and whom you think are the best female champions overall. List your opinions in the comment section below so that I am excited to know about your choice of champions.

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