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How to get Void Shards in Raid Shadow Legends

How to get Void Shards in Raid Shadow Legends

Void shards are the special and precious items in the Raid Shadow Legends game from where you can summon Void Champions. So getting Void shards and summoning and acquiring champions through Void shards is a rare thing in this game. But you will now definitely thinking about how to get void shards in raid shadow legends right?.

To help you people, in the simplest way possible, I am listing below the different ways to get Void shards in raid Shadow Legends for free (Free to Play). I will also let you know about how and where to purchase Void shards in Raid Shadow Legends if you are low to a high spender (Pay to Win).

How to get Void shards in Raid Shadow Legends (FREE)

As I am a 100% F2P (Free to play) player, first I will list out all the possible ways to obtain Void shards in Raid Shadow Legends. Although the game gives very little chance or places to get the Void shards as they are premium shards, still you can benefit a bit. So let’s see all the different locations or game modes through which we can get Void shards for free without spending a single penny.

Campaign Location

This is the 2nd best place or way to acquire Void shards (as a Raid Shadow Legends new player) as you get 1 Void shard after completing the 7th stage in Chapter 12 normal mode. The second Void shard you will be getting after you complete 3 stars of all the chapters in the normal mode. The only disappointing thing here is the rewards you get are one-time achievements. So there is no way you can farm for Void shards in the Raid Shadow Legends game which is the biggest drawback for the F2P player base.

Raid Shadow Legends Campaign stages completion rewards

Daily Login Rewards

This is the place where you can grab 1 Void shard at least every month if you can able to just login into the game and log out as simple as that. The days you get the Void shard is random up to 270 days after that it is a fixed day where you can acquire 1 Void regularly every month.

Raid Shadow Legends Daily Login rewards

Referral Program Rewards

If you can be smart and manage to request, convince and invite 3 of your friends to play this game alongside, and once they reach level 30 you get 1 Void shard each from each of your friends completing level 30 (3 Void shards in total). I have done a video on how to grab these referral rewards a long back and you check for the same in the video below.

Raid Shadow Legends Referral Program Rewards

Clan Boss Rewards

You can get Void shards as a random drop from the Clan Boss Chests based on your level and which stage you are able to clear the stages/modes regularly. As usual in any hero collection or Role-playing games, or any game in that matter, drop rates or less for most valuable items. So getting Void shards from the Clan Boss chests is purely on a lucky basis. If you are mid to end game player and can clear the Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss mode daily, then the chances are pretty better.

Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss Rewards - Raid Shadow Legends
Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss Rewards – Raid Shadow Legends

Monthly Quests

Daily, weekly and monthly quests are quite common and a must in all mobile games and we find the same in Raid SL too. As a player, you are gifted 1 Void shard at the completion of all monthly quests every month. So you can easily get this Void shard just by completing the daily and weekly quests which help directly to complete the monthly quest.

Raid Shadow Legends Monthly Quests rewards

Progression Rewards

This is one time reward where you get a Void shard once you reach level 75 in the Raid Shadow Legends game. It is a little hard to reach level 75 and you need to wait at least 4 to 6 months depending upon your gameplay duration per day.


Arbiter Missions & Challenges

The Arbiter (Free Void Legendary Champion) missions are a road map and give you the best directions for building your Raid Shadow Legends account. So you need to first focus and complete the Arbiter missions regularly to acquire your best free Legendary champion (Arbiter) but it takes at least 6 to 12 months based on your daily time invested in the game.

Raid Shadow Legends Arbiter Progress missions Rewards

Clan Vs Clan Rewards

Receiving Void shards from Clan Versus Clan tournaments is not possible for all Clans unless your Clan is in Tier III and above. If you are in a high-level Clan, then you can get Void shards frequently during the CVC tournaments. So if you are desperate to collect Void shards this is one place you should definitely not miss out.

Clan Versus Clan Tournament rewards

Faction wars Challenge Completion rewards

Faction wars challenges are one of the most important game modes in Raid Shadow Legends where you can farm the Glyphs which are very important materials to enhance your gear/artifacts substats. So you need to spend some time daily on faction wars stages to farm Glyphs which can make your heroes strong with better artifact sub statistics.

Faction Wars challenges Rewards - Raid SL

Events & Tournaments

This section is very straight forward and you will get Void shards after completion of the targeted tasks in the events and tournaments frequently. So these rewards are very rare and situational and are obtained mostly in Champion fusion events & tournaments.

Doom Tower Floor completion Rewards

You will get 1 Void shard after clearing the Doom Tower floor at level 100 in Normal mode on each rotation of the Doom Tower. You have the option to grab more Void shards from Doom Tower (Hard mode) after completion of level 40, level 60, level 70, and level 100 floors.

Doom Tower Rewards - Raid Shadow Legends

Tag Team Arena – (Bazaar)

This is another end game or toughest place to get a Void shard i.e you buy a Void shard from the Tag team arena Bazaar with gold bars. But most of us invest these gold bars to buy Drexthar Bloodtwin the legendary champion fragments as a first priority. So if you have already owned Drexthar Bloodtwin through champion summoning from either Ancient shards or Sacred Shards, then you can accumulate the gold bards and use them to get void shards.

Tag Ream Arena Rewards_Raid Shadow Legends

Recall Quests

This is something new I have found recently when I have casually logged in to my old account and got surprised by seeing this particular special quest for the old players who want to play the game again. So this will boost the players who missed the game for at least 3 weeks continuously without a single-day login. This will compensate the old players and through these Recall quests, Raid SL has clearly tried to retain its player base. You can check the Recall quests rewards from the below image and you can know how useful they are:

Raid Shadow Legends Recall Quests Rewards

Special Gifts (festivals, achievements, compensation, etc.,)

You will be rewarded or gifted with Void shards as freebies in some situations like festivals (Christmas, New Year), maintenance/major update compensation, and whenever Raid Shadow Legends achieves something new or reach a landmark (like followers in Social media handles).

How to get Void Shards in Raid Shadow Legends (In-Game Purchases)

In the above, we have seen all possible ways to obtain free Void shards in Raid Shadow Legends. Now let us see how to get Void shards in Raid Shadow Legends by purchasing using real money/currency.

Here are the different packs you will be offered by Raid SL from the beginning of your account till the end game:

Bonus Void Pack

This pack is rare and situational but this pack gives 14 Void shards and it is specially meant to obtain Void shards only. So if you are a mid to high-level spender, and you get it early in the game, just give it a try.

Raid Shadow Legends Void Shards pack

Sacred Daily Pack

This pack gives you 1 Sacred Shard (Guaranteed Epic hero), 2 Void Shards, 4 Ancient Shards, and other important resources like gems, Energy, and Silver.

Raid Shadow Legends Sacred Daily Pack

Starter Pack

You get only  1 Void shard in this pack but you also get 1 XP boost (3 days), 4 Ancient Shards, 500 gems and it is just under 1o USD which can be a good kick start option for low to mid-level spenders.

Raid Shadow Legends Starter Pack

Beginner Progression Pack

It is a costly pack where you get 1 Void shard and most of the other things you get are gems (1000) in particular. But you can straight away grab the Void shard as it unlocks at level 1 itself.

Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Progress Pack

Monthly Pack (Limited Special offers)

You can find this offer under the limited special offers section. Here you get 1 Sacred shard, 3 Void shards, 5 Ancient shards alongside 1000 energy, and 500 gems. I think this is not a bad offer at all compared to many offers for instance. If you can invest 30 USD, you can get a kick start with a guaranteed Epic Champion (1 Sacred shard), 8 guaranteed rare champions from 3 Voids, and 5 Ancient shards. If you have a stroke of great luck you can even get legendary or epic champions out of them.

Raid Shadow Legends monthly pack


So that’s all I have for this article guys, I hope I have covered all the possible ways on how to get Void shards in Raid Shadow legends mobile game. If I have missed mentioning any other options or ways to get Void shards, please do mention them in the comments section below.

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