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Awaken Chaos Era Rookie Summon Guide 2022

Awaken Chaos Era Rookie Summon-Free Legendary Hero

Awaken Chaos Era is one of the top-grossing role-playing games for the last 6 months and one of the top competitors for popular games like Raid Shadow Legends, Summoners War, Age of Magic, Epic Seven, and so on. I have been playing Raid Shadow legends almost its inception but I haven’t seen a few free-to-play gifts and features that ACE (Awaken Chaos Era) provides. One of the best things I like about the ACE mobile game is that of the account data reset or account Reroll. There is another newbie-friendly feature is that of the “Awaken Chaos Era Rookie Summon” where you can choose a guaranteed Legendary hero from the 5 sets (you need to choose 1 out of 5 sets).

What is Awaken Chaos Era Rookie Summon?

The Rookie Summon is the Hero Summoning option that unlocks once you complete or clear adventure/campaign stage 2.8 in the normal mode. You are given an option of summoning 1 set of heroes among 5 sets in this Awaken Choas Era Rookie Summon. The 5 sets contain a set of 5 heroes in each one of them where you will be given a Legendary hero in those 3 sets and 2 sets contain 2 epics without a legendary hero.

Which hero should I choose from the Rookie Summon?

Awaken Chaos Era Rookie Summon-Free Legendary Hero

Now with 3 legendary heroes in three different sets of heroes, you will be in confusion or dilemma about whom to choose or who is the best rookie summon a hero to pick out of the seven legendaries that appear at random.

Here are the seven heroes that will appear at random in your Rookie Summon Sets:

  1. Balberith – Fire Element – Soul Plunders faction
  2. Evera – Wood Element – Free Cities faction
  3. Hector – Fire Element – Crisas faction
  4. Hydrissea – Water Element – Dragonscale Marsh faction
  5. Mulhex – Water Element – Dragonscale Marsh faction
  6. Mythesia – Wood Element – Sylvan Woodlands faction
  7. Valeria – Fire Element – Lasir faction

So although I have put them in alphabetical order, my personal choice will be either Hydressia or Evera if you want to go all out with a DPS/ Nuker hero and want to clear adventures/Campaigns as early as possible. But if you can build some of the top epic heroes like Zatlux (you get him in Covenant task completion), Nathalia, and a few others, you can choose Mythesia. In this Awaken Chaos Era mobile game, Mythesia is the only healer plus reviver (team-wide heal/revive).

What are the best starter hero combinations?

Some of the early game combinations you can have are as follows:

If you are opting for a nuker or DPS hero like Hydressia (Water Element), Valeria (Fire Element), Balberith (Fire Element), Hector (Fire Element), Evera (Wood Element) you can build the following combos:

  1. Hydressia (Water Element) – Main DPS/Nuker + Connor (Fire Element) – Solid Support elite hero till end game + Zatlux (Wood Element) – DPS machine + Any hero with good self-sustaining abilities and a solid tank.
  2. If you chose any other Nukers except Mythesia, then follow the same combination mentioned above and replace Hydressia with the rookie summon hero you have selected.
  3. Mythesia (Wood Element) – Main DPS/Nuker + Connor (Fire Element) – One of the best elite heroes in the game – Zatlux (Wood Element) – Solid Nuker/DPS machine and 4th hero in your core team can be either one of these if you can pull them luckily – William (Water Element), Nathalia (Water Element), Hakrin (Water Element), Santis (Water Element), Orakh (Fire element), Asrina (Fire Element), Rogge – Elite hero (Wood Element), Anna – Elite hero (Wood Element), Rickard (Wood Element) and many more.

So there are a lot of team combinations you can derive in this game and that’s the beauty of it. Although you need to build and use only 4 heroes in any game mode in Awaken Chaos Era mobile game, you have to build at least 2 heroes in each element for flexibility. There are many other good epics in the Light and Dark elements but getting them is quite difficult and fully ascending them needs 7 duplicate copies of them which is almost impossible until the end game.

Some of the good Elite heroes you can mix into your main core team are as follows:

Charles (Water Element), Zachary (Fire Element), Freya (Wood Element), Joseph (Water Element), Rodira (Wood Element), Valuk (Wood Element)/ Ravyn (Dark Element) – fits well in poison combinations.

There are also many epics that are very good in their roles and most of them are very good when combined with another hero so choose them wisely after reading their traits, passives, skills, and ultimate abilities. So you need to read them before building your main or core team so that you can easily clear the game content quite easily as a free-to-play player.

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