Awaken Chaos Era Tier List

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List (Rookie Summon Heroes) – January 2022

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List

The most burning topis in Awaken Chaos Era among the new players is whom should we pick from the Rookie Summon which is very important because you will get a guaranteed legendary hero. We are given 5 sets where 2 sets contain epics and elites and 3 sets contain 3 random legendary heroes to choose from. So in order to get the best legendary hero possible from among the 7 heroes, I am presenting this Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List which I hope will help you for sure.

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List (Rookie Summon Heroes)

This tier list is purely based on my experience, knowledge gained from playing since the Closed Beta Test, Soft launch, and recent Global launch of the Awaken Chaos Era game. I have also taken into consideration opinions from my guildmates, discord friends, and fellow content creators. So without further delay let’s dive into the reroll tier list that helps new players to choose the best legendary possible.


Mytheasia - Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List

Most of the players refuse to select or take her in the Rookie summon just because she is not a damage dealer and they want to clear the campaigns as soon as possible. But they are many other epics and elite like Zachary who can be used till mid-game with the right gear.

So I suggest you select Mytheasia as she is the ONLY hero who has a game-changing skill “Revives all team members“. Since she is a team healer and team reviver,  she can help you in the end game contain where you will be in trouble once you lose your high damage dealers and who cannot be revived.


Valeria-Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List

Since every new player is given Nathalia as a gift from Awaken Chaos Era game after the global launch, Valeria is one of the best heroes that can sync well with Nathalia. These two heroes together can cruise through most of the early to mid-game content easily.

Valeria is a fire element hero and that’s another reason why she is a good choice to opt for as she alongside Connor, Zachary, and Nathalia, or Asrina (if you unlock her soon) can be super useful to clear Tulpa dungeon where you farm good artifacts for your defense and support heroes.



The only Wood Element that is available to choose from the Awaken Chaos Era Rookie Summons is Evera and with the recent buff, she is more than useful.

Evera is one of the best DPS nukers in the Awaken Chaos Era game in Wood Element criteria.

Although you get Zatlux the top-tier epic in the game within 7 to 15 days, till then Evera can carry you through Mythic Adventure stages (Campaign).


Mulhex-Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List

Mulhex is one of the most underrated and ignored rookie summon legendary heroes in this game. I have been playing him in my latest main account since the global launch.

He is surprisingly doing some good damage and has a good kit and skills. As a Water element hero, who can be really useful against fire guild boss, endless trials, void tower, and most of the dungeons.

I am using Mulhex in my main account i.e BixbiteGlobal and you can check him over there I have not fully upgraded or have full abilities. I have crappy gear on him and still, he is doing a good amount of damage and has a cool kit.


Hydrissea-Awaken Chaos rookie summon hero

The most commonly seen in everyone’s account is Hydrissea in the soft launch era. But after the global launch, people found many alternative nukers than her in the form of epic heroes like Nathalia and others.

She doesn’t have any special skills and is a one-trick pony type who does carry you to campaigns (adventure stages) pretty easily. But falls behind compared to others in some dungeons, guild boss, Arena, and hard void tower and above.

But as a beginner player you won’t regret choosing her, but as Awakeen Chaos Era is giving Nathalia as a freebie (Global Launch), having two water element heroes is not a good choice as Nathalia’s kit is way better than Hydrissea.


Balberith is also an underrated hero but can be more useful from mid to end game as he is outperformed by Valeria in clearing early game content with a breeze.

During the 27th Jan 2022 patch notes, he got a little buff and I have no idea how this new buff affects him.

But as of today before 27th January, he is not preferred over Valeria one of the best fire element heroes in the game.


Hector-Awaken Chaos Era Rookie summon hero

Hector is the third fire element in this rookie summon heroes list and as discussed above, he can’t beat Valeria (who has a unique and versatile kit) and Balberith who can revive himself each time he kills an enemy and dies afterward.

Just like some other pure nukers or DPS units, his damage is not that great compared to many other fire element heroes.

Hector is extremely strong in some dungeons and a few game modes so you can also choose him according to where you want to use and build him accordingly.

Final Thoughts

This Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Tier List is prepared purely based on my personal gameplay and experience alongside opinions taken from players from my community. So you need to pick any rookie summon hero of your choice, play according to your gameplay style, and build a core team around them. You don’t get disappointed or regretted choosing any of those seven heroes, as all of them help you to carry through all early to midgame content smoothly with the right build.

Please let me know who is your favorite rookie summon hero and drop the same in the comments section below.

Happy Gaming !!!

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