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Awaken Chaos Era Redemption Codes – Complete List (March 2022)

Awaken Chaos Era redemption codes

Are you searching for the latest Awaken Chaos Era Redemption codes? if so, you are into the right place or website. This is a dedicated page or post that constantly updates on the latest and working codes of the Awaken: Chaos Era mobile game.

These Awaken Chaos Era codes will give you the new player freebies/gifts like Summoning Crystals, Diamonds, Gold coins (in-game currency), Hero experience jelly, Weapon charms, shards, etc.,

But keep in mind that most of the websites don’t mention this particular point that all these redemption codes mentioned below cannot be redeemed before you reach a certain level in the game. You need to redeem a few of these awaken: chaos era codes after reaching level 5 and others after level 10. Here is the list of codes and how and when to redeem them inside the game.

Complete list of Awaken Chaos Era Redemption Codes – January 2022

List of working redemption codes as of January 2022

Redemption codes with No Level Requirement:

Hello100 – Normal Summoning Crystal x 100
ACE777 – Gold x 10000 Diamond x 100 EXP Jelly x 100000
FOODY – 3-stars foody x 1
SWORDOUT – 4-star Raider Blade x 1 Special Weapon Charm x 3 Advanced Weapon

ACEEXP – Double XP for 1 Hour (new code!)

Redemption codes  after reaching Player Level 5:
Whosyourdaddy – Zachary x 1
Ineedadoctor – Abbott x 1 (Didn’t work for me but try yourself)

Redemption codes  after reaching Player Level 10:

ACEDC – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3
ACEFB – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3

List of Awaken Chaos Era Redemption Codes (Not Working in my region)

The following codes are not working for me but few players claim that they have claimed those codes. So please do give it a try and let me know if they have worked for you or not in the comments section below.

LevelUp – Redeem for random freebies

ACEEBONUS – Redeem for random freebies

FAQ – Awaken Chaos Era Redemption Codes

How to Redeem the Redemption Code?

Here are the simple steps to redeem the codes:

  1. Click/Tap on the star icon on the extreme right corner
  2. Select the “Settings” icon from the drop-down list
  3. Tap/Click on the settings icon
  4. Now check for the Account tab and click on it
  5. You will find the Redemption Code tab at the bottle of that panel
  6. Click on that and enter the codes one by one and grab your gifts/freebies.

Awaken Chaos Era codes

A brief details and features of Awaken: Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era (ACE) is a role-playing hero collection game where you can summon your heroes through a summoning portal using summoning crystals. You need to build a team from different factions and clear several game modes like campaigns, Dungeons, Arena, Events, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Guild tasks.

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Awaken Chaos Era Game features

Build a Strong Team
Collect strong heroes and build the right team combination to dismantle your opponent!

Astonishing graphics & Visuals
You will definitely get yourself lost in this immersive story with captivating 3D artwork, a variety of battle effects, and skill animations!

Different Game Strategy
Every hero has some unique abilities that can give you an edge over your enemies. When you step onto the battlefield, the different strategies you design can make or break your gameplay.

A lot of PvE stuff
The game offers you different game modes to explore yourself and farm the required items, and things needed to upgrade your heroes and account progression. Example: Campaigns, Dungeons, Guild Boss, Endless Trials, different Events & Tasks.


Awaken: Chaos Era is one of the most awaited mobile Role Playing Games (RPG) which has launched this month (November 2021). The countries included in this soft launch are Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you are residing in the regions/countries mentioned above, you can use the Google Play link. Players who are from countries other than the ones mentioned before,  please download through the official APK  link.

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