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Awaken Chaos Era Best Heroes in Each Rarity (January 2022)

There is always confusion in all role-playing gacha games or for that matter in any strategy games to have the best combination of heroes. So I have been asked by my friends, guildmates, and community members about the Awaken Chaos Era best heroes list. But to be transparent and frank, out of the 150 plus heroes we have in this Awaken: Chaos Era game, it is tough to pick only the top 10 or 20 best heroes.  So I have decided to break up the best heroes tier list based on different sections and in this particular article, I will be discussing the best heroes in each rarity.

Unlike other games, awaken chaos era mobile game gives us a good amount of freebies for the new players in the form of redemption codes. Apart from that you also get a guaranteed legendary hero through the Rookie Summon Set which unlocks after you complete adventure stage 2.8 in normal mode. Before you read further of this article I request you to check my rookie summon guide to get an idea of which are the best legendary heroes to pick. So out of the seven rookie summon legendaries, all of them fit for the top 10 best heroes in their rarity, element, and faction.

Another good thing about this game is that you have the option to data reset or reroll your account if you don’t see the legendary hero you want from the 5 sets you get in rookie summon.

Now let me go through the details of the best heroes of each rarity and their ability to clear the game content and good combos that work well with them. I am excluding the Light and Dark heroes as they are extremely difficult to summon and you should be very lucky to get a single copy of them. Also, to make full ascension you need 5 extra or duplicate copies of the same hero which is almost impossible for any free-to-play, low to mid-level spenders as of today.

Top 5 Awaken Chaos Era best heroes (Legendary)


Brand is a defense-type fire element hero from the Titan Icelands faction and is one of the most powerful heroes in the fire element category of heroes. Since the introduction of the Light Element version of him (Brand the Brilliant (Offense type), people are leaning more towards Light Brand. As light element legendaries are extremely difficult to get from hero summons, I would say Brand (Fire element) is still your top pick.

You can also purchase him through Magic Pass Season 3 (This Pass is time-limited, which starts on January 17th, 2021, and ends on February 16th, 2022).


Blackhorn is a support-type water element hero from the Sylvan Woodlands faction and is the strongest healer in the entire game killing him is extremely difficult if you build him correctly. This guy becomes stronger when paired with someone like Hakrin who enhances his healing potential.

Blackhorn was available as a Magic Pass hero but now it is no longer available. So you need to get him only through advanced summoning crystals or limited summons if you are lucky. Blackhorn is an S+ tier in all the game modes in Awaken Chaos Era game.


Evera is one of the 7 heroes you can choose from the Rookie Summon after completing adventure stage 2.8 but you need to be lucky enough to see her among 3 legends pop up. If you cannot find Evera in the Rookie summon sets, then you can data reset or reroll your account and try playing from scratch and again after completing chapter 2.8 try your luck.

Evera is one of the best nukers in the entire game in the wood element category and you will not regret choosing her as your rookie summon a hero. As at the beginning of the game, you won’t be getting any good wood element heroes until you unlock Zatlux within 7 days, she can help you clear as much content as possible.


Hydrissea and Mulhex are the 2 water element heroes both of them are very good and I suggest you take any one of them that pops up when you open the rookie summon sets. Both these heroes are very good at clearing the adventure stages from normal to mythic and they have AOE abilities that support it. I am using Mulhex in my main 100% Free play account and he is doing very good in a combination with Connor, Nathalia, and Gangelo/Mytheasia.


Mytheasia is the only hero in the entire game who can revive all the team members as of today plus also heals the entire team with some cleansing. I myself have picked Mytheasia as my choice of rookie summon legendary hero. She can fit very well in any core team and as a solid healer and reviver, you have many options to have 2 to 3 damage dealers making your life much easier and no need of fear of losing your DPS heroes. In the end game, many people get stuck as they don’t have proper healers, and especially no reviver makes them forcefully build high-level artifacts or else drop out of the game if they are free to play.


As I am taking into account only 5 from each rarity I would like to mention a few honorable mentions who are equally good with the five heroes mentioned above. Those heroes are Gangelo, Valeria, Mulhex, Ciara, Tia, Siress, and many more.

Top 5 Awaken Chaos Era best heroes (Epic)

All of the below top heroes are put in alphabetical order and that doesn’t mean Zatlux is in the top 5 but is number one DPS/Nuker out of all and a top hero overall.


Hakrin is a Support type  water element hero from Titan Icelands faction obtained from advanced summoning crystals, Limited Summons, and also through Hero Synthesis


Nathalia is an Offense type water element hero from the Free Cities faction obtained from advanced summoning crystals, Limited Summons.


Santis is a Support type water element hero from Soulplunders faction obtained from advanced summoning crystals, Limited Summons, and also through Hero Synthesis.


William is a Support type water element hero from the Holy Light Empire faction obtained from advanced summoning crystals, Limited Summons.


Zatlux is an offense-type wood element hero from the Dragonscale Marsh faction obtained from advanced summoning crystals, Covenants, Limited Summons.

Other Epic heroes who are definitely top tier are Windstrex, Orakh, Rickard, Asrina, and so on.

Top 5 Awaken Chaos Era best heroes (Elite)

  • Anna
  • Charles
  • Connor
  • Rogge
  • Zachary

Some of the top-tier elite heroes are Joseph, Freya, Rodira, Elson, Marian, Valuk, and so on.

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